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Statement on Music Day

On Oct. 10, what would have been Danny's 39th birthday, our global community came together in a moment of music and harmony to celebrate the First Annual Daniel Pearl Music Day as a message of tolerance and understanding throughout the world.

Danny lived a life that knew no geographical boundaries, with a spirit that knew no prejudice. Through journalism and music, Danny communicated friendship, understanding and mutual respect in many parts of the world, whether he was interviewing ordinary people or world leaders, performing with orchestras, teaching violin to disadvantaged children, playing fiddle or mandolin with folk and bluegrass bands, or simply jamming with friends and strangers.

The global Music Day concerts empowered peace-loving people around the world with the awareness that they are not alone, and that, standing united, humanity will prevail. Hundreds of thousands of music lovers are with us today, from Hong Kong in the East to Los Angeles in the West, playing music that Danny loved and reflecting on the consequences of extremism and intolerance.

This is your triumph, Danny; it is our triumph too, a triumph of humanity over savagery.

The Pearl Family



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