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In line with our mission of promoting cross-cultural understanding, we will post from time to time stories, ideas and activities that highlight progress toward this goal.

We will call these items "rays of hope." We encourage readers to bring additional "rays" to our attention.


Net Result: Understanding
Our first story is an interesting Pakistani-Israeli tennis partnership that gained attention at this year's Wimbledon tournament. By demonstrating that a Jew and a Muslim can play together effectively and triumphantly, Hadad and Qureshi have shown that common interest can triumph over cultural barriers.

Full story: "Pakistani Doubles Star Defiant" (BBC)

Hope Sings Eternal
Algerian pop music star Cheb Khaled and Israeli singer Achinoam Nini ("Noa") performed together in a peace concert in Rome a few months ago. Despite the threat of boycott, the two well-known performers remain committed to musical cooperation in the face of political criticism.

Full story: "Cheb Khaled Sings in Beitiddine with Clear Conscience"

Hearing Each Other
An innovative medical program that treats hearing loss is being administered by Canadian doctors to Israeli and Palestinian children. In the process, the childrens' parents and families are getting to know each other as people, not political stereotypes.

Full story: "Battle Against Hearing Loss Bridges Gap in Middle East"
                   (Toronto Globe and Mail)

Making Dialogue
While there is still turmoil in the Middle East, we believe there is also hope. We have started gathering a list of peace-making activities taking place between Israelis and Palestinians, which we will continue to update.

Mid-East Peace and Dialog Resources
A listing of Dialog Groups and Initiatives

My Experiences in Dialog
by Saida Nusseibeh
European Dialog groups

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